Wijnanda Deroo


A cabinet with trash, personal pictures on the wall, papers on the floor. Images that evoke both questions and wonder. Twenty-five enigmatic spaces in the Netherlands, photographed by Wijnanda Deroo, as of September 6, shown in the new exhibition of the Noordbrabant Museum: Places of memory. 


Places of memory 
Wijnanda Deroo (Zeist 1955) photographed areas in the Netherlands who were given a new function. The user has the place decorated and homemade, but the old destination shines even among the belongings. Deroo captures precisely this stratification.


Wijnanda Deroo made an international name with her intriguing, memory-leaving photographs of interiors. Commissioned by The Noordbrabants Museum and in collaboration with guest curator Frans Bevers, Deroo made a new series of interior portraits.


The exhibition Places of memory can be seen from September 6, 2014 through January 11, 2015.