Wijnanda Deroo

The images in "Wijnanda Deroo: Inside New York Eateries" are about color and composition and fun. I assume Ms. Deroo was involved in hanging the exhibition, and anyone who would allow "Tavern on the Green, Central Park, 2009" to be placed next to "Yonah Schimmel's Knishes, 137 Houston Street, 2009," and "Papaya Dog, 42nd & 9th Avenue, 2009" to bump up against "Café des Artistes, 1 West 67th Street, 2009" has a droll sense of humor. The Dutch photographer understands that restaurants are fictions we inhabit, stage sets on which we enact dramas of eating, and presents them in a stylish but straightforward manner, inviting us to select which roles we want to play.

The eateries are empty of diners, wait staff and cooks, except for one blurred figure behind the counter in the cavernous "Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant, Grand Central Terminal, 2009." But the tables are set in those restaurants that have napery, such as "Delmonico's, 56 Beaver Street, 2009" and "Café Arbat, 306 Brighton Avenue, 2009," as if the curtain has just gone up and we are expected to make an entrance. Ms. Deroo's compositional approach to these interiors is varied, and she appreciates the dark wood paneling in "The Oak Room, 10 Central Park South, 2009" as well as the gaudy Indian colors of "Milon, 93 First Avenue, 2009." The swank and the plebeian are treated with equal respect.

William Meyers